Is Madagascar Closed for Imports?

There has been a bunch of rumors and speculation in regards of this matter. We rather find an answer from our sources in Madagascar before we post a comment. This is what we have been informed. 

Madagascar has a new President and new Government since January 20019 and they are just getting organized.

Therefore at the beginning of February, the Minister of Environment sent out a letter asking for exports of flora and fauna to stop, with the purpose of re-arrange and stabilize these sectors, this measure is just temporary and activities should be back to normal within a month. (This is information from the source, not mine).

We submitted our paperwork last year and we have it approved and stamped for our import programmed in May, so as soon as exports are reopened we should be good to go.

This is what we are getting:

15 Phelsuma Grandis
20 Phelsuma Laticauda
20 Uroplatus Sikorae
20 Uroplatus Fimbriatus
4 Uroplatus lineatus (sale pending)
13 Uroplatus Phantasticus (sale pending)
12 Carpet Chameleons
20 Panther Chameleons (So far we are getting Ambilobe and Ankify, if you would like to pre-order another locale, let me know)
12 Brookesia Thieli

Not sure about final pricing once the shipment lands in Canada. If you pre-ordered, the price you got will be honoured.

Feel free to PM if you have any questions,

Edgar Tapia